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AOBC VI - Everything Thread
Posted: Feb 3 2021, 07:41 PM
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Atlantian Oceania Basketball Championships VI

Welcome to the 6th edition of the Atlantian Oceania Basketball Championships, hosted by Equestria.

As has been mentioned, this will be a very quick edition of the tournament, primarily as a warm-up/RP fodder for those participating in the upcoming IBC. Any and all rosters and/or RPs posted to the IBC 31 thread or here in this thread will be counted towards this tournament. Those who are not participating in the IBC have been graciously granted permission by its host (thanks Delaclava) to post their rosters and RPs there if they would like to.

The entire tournament will be scorinated and results posted on Friday, February 5th, roughly 24 hours before the start of the IBC, so as to allow those participating in that tournament time to use the results for pre-MD1 RPs.

There are 16 teams participating in this edition of the AOBC, which have been drawn into 4 groups of 4 teams, playing in a single-round robin with the top two teams from each group advancing to the quarterfinals.

Pot 1: Banija (1), Quebec (3), Sarzonia (6), Equestria (7)
Pot 2: Northwest Kalactin (13), Qasden (15), Delaclava (20), Chromatika (25)
Pot 3: Crystal Empire (51), Baker Park (UR), Savigliane (UR), Pluvia & The Saxean Isles (UR)
Pot 4: Busoga Islands (UR), Freeport (UR), Jabal Akhdar (UR), Ko-oren (UR)

Group Draw

Group A - All games played at Celestial Gardens (cap. 12,115) in Canterlot
Crystal Empire

Group B - All games played at Warriors' Hall (cap. 5,990) in Cloudsdale
Busoga Islands

Group C - All games played at Seaddle Arena (cap. 7,750) in Seaddle
Pluvia & The Saxean Isles
Northwest Kalactin

Group D - All games played at New Indigo Arena (cap. 8,610) in Everfree
Jabal Akhda
Baker Park

Tournament Schedule
Match Day 1: 1v4, 2v3
Match Day 2: 4v3, 1v2
Match Day 3: 2v4, 3v1
Quarterfinals: A1vB2, C1vD2, B1vA2, D1vC2
Semifinals: QF1vQF2, QF3vQF4
Final: SF1WvSF2W

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Posted: Feb 3 2021, 08:02 PM
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Offensive Style: Princeton
Defensive Style: 2-3 matchup zone principal defense, will play man-to-man if necessary
Style Modifier (if applicable): -2
Captain: Toby Lawson
Colors: Black and White Home, Blue and Gold Away
Arena: Giese Arena
Arena Location: Marienburg
Arena Capacity: 8,500
Head Coach: Ernst Beutler
Assistant Coaches: Danny Hart, Freddy Smith



G #1 Toby Lawson, 1.82m, 27
G #5 Liam Palmer, 1.85m, 26
F #6 Archie Pearce, 1.96m, 32
F #28 Bruno Strauss, 2.03m, 31
F #50 Evan Davidson, 2.06m, 29

G #15 Stephen Allen, 1.91m, 30
G #9 Kurt Seeliger, 1.87m, 33
G #10 Skye Woods, 1.75m, 24
F #22 Sebastian Sendler, 2m, 29
F #47 Chris Campbell, 2.02, 27
F #33 Tristan Armstrong, 2.08m, 33

Playing Style

The Magpies run a Princeton style offense, which means plenty of motion, screens, backdoor cuts, and three-point attempts. They're not the tallest, the fastest, or the most athletic club, so they use the Princeton offense to slow the game and generate open looks, while their 2-3 matchup zone tries to throw opponents off their game. Anybody in the starting lineup can hit a 3, and they are all quite good passers, though Lawson is the best at it. They get by on teamwork and technical skill more than athleticism or individual dominance. They can be vulnerable to opponents who hit the offensive glass hard.

Woods is the backup point guard, Allen the backup shooting guard, and Seeliger the backup combo guard. You will see Sendler or Campbell playing the 3, and Campbell or Armstrong playing the 4, with Armstrong the lone backup at the 5.

RP Permissions

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my pointscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y, but TG me before you put anything in and I'll give it the yea or nay
Give my players foul: Y (no technicals, maybe head coach)
Foul my players out: Y
Give injuries to my players: Y, but not serious ones (1 game or less)
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: N
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Posted: Feb 3 2021, 08:36 PM
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Magpies return to AOBC, will success continue?

Adrian Fraser, Marienburg Telegraph

The Pluvia and the Saxean Isles Magpies are making their second trip to the Atlantian Oceania Basketball Championships. This is the sixth edition, which will feature 16 teams, just like the fifth edition. After some surprising success last time out, the Magpies are looking to make some noise, but some factors may be different this time around, and our boys may find this tournament less hospitable.

The last time the Magpies entered this tournament, they were drawn into Group A, with the defending champions 95X, as well as fellow newcomers Busoga Islands and The Jovannic. 95X was heavily favored to win the group against the three newbies, and they breezed past The Jovannic, 90-73. Meanwhile, the Magpies pulled away from Busoga Islands late to win 91-78. In their second game, our boys again shot very well, scoring nearly 100 points and easily defeating The Jovannic, 96-80. 95X, perhaps overconfident, stumbled and lost on a late shot to Busoga Islands, 67-66. This meant that even a loss to 95X and a Busoga Islands win likely would not keep the Magpies from moving on to the knockout stages, as they would hold the head-to-head advantage over Busoga Islands and the combined point differential in the two games would have to be more than 40 points. Instead, the Magpies pulled a major upset, knocking off 95X, 87-73, and The Jovannic nipped Busoga Islands, 78-75. This sent our boys to the quarterfinals against the Commonwealth of Baker Park. Unfortunately, a previously underwhelming Baker Park team massacred the Magpies, 99-52, and then went on to win the championship of AOBC V.

In AOBC VI, the Magpies may find it a bit more difficult to succeed than in AOBC V. For one, it will not be a giant and three newbies, making it less likely that the Pluvian and Saxean team will be able to beat up on weak teams in order to advance. Sarzonia, ranked sixth in the world, and Northwest Kalactin, ranked thirteenth in the world, will join unranked Freeport in Group C. Sarzonia did not participate in AOBC V, but Northwest Kalactin was a playoff team. The presence of two ranked teams in the group will be a significant obstacle to the Magpies' success.

Additionally, the timing of this tournament will make it more difficult for the Magpies to rack up a bunch of wins. Last time, the AOBC took place at similar times to the AOCAF Cup, the major regional football competition, and the first AO Baseball Series (in which the Magpies finished 4th overall). This meant that the attention of the nations of AO was divided, and the AOBC was seen as more of a sideshow to the larger AOCAF Cup. This likely meant less media attention, less fan engagement, and less player interest as well. The Magpies beat up on two newcomer teams and then shocked a 95X team that probably wasn't taking everything seriously. When they actually played a team that was skilled, veteran, and engaged, they got destroyed, losing by nearly 50 points. This AOBC is explicitly a regional warm-up for the International Basketball Championship, which Pluvia is not participating in. Wanting to play well and be on a hot streak going into IBC 31, the basketballing nations of AO will almost certainly be locked in and ready to destroy anything in their path.

While conditions may be different, and all signs seem to point to a disappointing tournament for the Magpies, don't count them out here at AOBC VI. If they can use their Princeton offense to slow the game, generate open 3s and backdoor cuts, and avoid getting clobbered on the glass, they might have a chance to surprise.

Pluvia and the Saxean Isles
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Posted: Feb 3 2021, 09:32 PM
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I was wondering how I was unranked when I'm the Champ, then realized that was IBC rank.
And I get to face Banj in the group here as well....good times!
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Posted: Feb 4 2021, 12:28 AM
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If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose other statistics (e.g. rebounds, assists) for my players: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmode sporting events: N
Godmode injuries: N
Godmode other events: N

Chromatika National Basketball Team
World Rank: 25
Nickname: The Penguins
Coach: Jaudin Negore (Age: 44), Eyrods Saints
Assistant Coach: Milek Killik (Age: 41), Eyrods Saints

No Pos Name Age Height Team
05 PG Jung-Hyuk Park 26 6 ft 3 in Eyrods Saints CAPTAIN
03 SG Lia Xiu 22 6 ft 7 in Wirr Tsi Sparks
08 SF Anidra Roxanoff 21 6 ft 5 in Deprí Sanar Hurons
09 PF Natalie Swanson 25 6 ft 8 in Deprí Lanar Rhinos
02 C Maude Zwaheil 23 7 ft 2 in Z'ai'ai Warriors

No Pos Name Age Height Team
01 PG Hera Gant 21 6 ft 1 in Z'ai'ai Warriors
04 SG Jericho Sand 24 6 ft 8 in Eyrods Saints
06 SF Rowaine Maera 29 6 ft 4 in Urrheddiao Pride
07 PF Frederico Pascetti 28 6 ft 5 in Wirr Tsi Sparks
10 C Usman Guillote 30 6 ft 11 in Deprí Sanar Hurons

No Pos Name Age Height Team
11 G Jordan Merkoff 20 6 ft 5 in Pria Tyrants
12 F Edwin Vecott 32 6 ft 2 in Z'ai'ai Warriors

The Penguins are back, now ranked 25th in the World. They are led by Jung-Hyuk Park, back-to-back CBA Finals MVP, who can score on bunches and has great handling skills. Maude Zwahell and Annabelle Brit provide the muscle, while Lia Xiu and Anidra Roxanoff are scoring threats. Off the bench, Jordan Merkoff is the most prolific of the bunch, while Rowaine Maera is the best shooter of the bunch.

The Chromatik Team focuses on solid ball-handling and clean transition play, with an emphasis on always running the clock down whenever possible. This means that there aren't as many fast breaks, instead focusing on time of possession and making every possession count. They plan a zone on defense, and are rather good at deflecting shots but not very good at causing turnovers. This team's tentative goal is to enter the Final Group Stage.
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Posted: Feb 5 2021, 10:35 PM
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