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Posted: Aug 3 2022, 07:14 AM
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With 21 Entrants there will be 3 Groups of 7. The Top 2 in each Group (6 Total) will advance directly to the quarter finals. 3rd and 4th place finishers will playoff ( 6v3, 4v5 > 1vL, 2vH) on a single MD for the final two Quarter Final Slots). Cutoffs will follow the AOCAF Cutoffs.

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Group Draw:
1 Quebec and Shingoryeo
1 Delaclava
1 Efnakia
1 Arendalle
1 Vilita and Turori
1 Banija
1 Demot

2 Milchama
2 Verceola
2 Valanora
2 Squornshelan Remnant States
2 Busoga Islands
2 Qasden
2 Hapilopper

3 Canadian Dominion
3 Baker Park
3 Wreckeria
3 Oontaz Dert Li Ng
3 Gyatso-kai
3 Pluvia and the Saxean Isles
3 The Cordian Isles

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Posted: Aug 4 2022, 12:19 AM
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AOHC Roster
Canadian Dominion
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Posted: Aug 4 2022, 11:50 AM
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Gyatso-kai National Ice Hockey Team Dispatch - CURRENT ROSTER
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Posted: Aug 4 2022, 10:38 PM
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Full Roster Details:

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Posted: Aug 5 2022, 03:13 PM
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Banija National Men's Ice Hockey Team
Head Coach: Dieter Lobe(Siovanija & Teusland). 46 years old. Former head coach of the Rotmunde Hurricanes in the Ehrenliga in S&T. He has been in charge for the last three World Cups of Hockey.

The Banijan Hockey Federation, as the national governing body for ice hockey in Banija, is the governing body for this squad.

All teams listed are in the Greater Banijan Hockey League, or post-secondary education institutions competing in the Banijan Collegiate Sports Group competition, unless otherwise specified. Players who are making their international debut at the senior level are italicized.

Starter: #50 Mompoloki Olefile. 30 years old. Maal Pioneers.
Backup: #44 Trophimus Raila. 26 years old. Plays for the Jaromirgrad Huskies.
Third String: #35 Gomolemo Pusoetsile. 25 years old. Plays for the Schemerdrecht Caribou.

Partnership 1
Left Defender- #13 Alan Ceesay. Age 29. Plays in the Ehrenliga(Siovanija & Teusland's top hockey league).
Right Defender- #17 Antou Sene. Age 33. Plays in the Ehrenliga(Siovanija & Teusland's top hockey league). Captain.

Partnership 2
Left Defender- #7 Kebba Marong. Age 21. Plays for the Istria Golden Bears.
Right Defender- #22 Gilead Obuo. Age 25. Plays for the St. Jakob Crusaders. Graduate of Loyola-Istria.

Partnership 3
Left Defender- #19 Jaramogi Hera. Age 27. Little Istria Tigersharks
Right Defender- #18 Chukwuma Chinasa. Age 25. Quebec Grizzlies.

Line 1
Center- #40 Okeli Uwaezuoke. Age 20. Jaromirgrad Huskies
Left Wing- #33 Laita Bairley. Age 33. Mansfield Warriors. First Alternate Captain
Right Wing- #16 Paul Misiani. Age 23. Plays at the University of Loyola-Istria.

Line 2
Center- #1 Kamara Marong. Age 25. New Istria Eagles.
Left Wing- #10 Onyango Jow. Age 27. St. Jakob Crusaders.
Right Wing- #4 Mcebisi Nokwe. Age 24. Goldstaff Cocodragons

Line 3
Center- #8 Somayina Chee. Age 32. Quebec Grizzlies. Second Alternate Captain
Left Wing - #5 Omollo Oduol. Age 29. Stalliongrad Mountaineers.
Right Wing- #14 Banta Soley. Age 34. Maal Pioneers.

Line 4
Center- #13 Belonwu Uchey. Age 25. Youngstown Yellowhammers.
Left Wing- #2 Junkung Kambi. Age 26. New Istria Eagles.
Right Wing- #6 Saihou Kabba. Age 30. Kapetägien Kestrels

The team's special teams tend to struggle, as they are more likely to score goals when it's 5 v 5.

As Banija is a country that lacks winter, the sport's popularity struggles inside the country itself. However, Banijans rank as some of the largest migratory people in the multiverse, as there are multitudes of Banijan migrant communities across Atlantian Oceania and far beyond. Therefore, the vast majority of places come from those Banijan migrant communities, in countries that actually have winter. Ice hockey has, quite famously, become a sport that migrant Banijan communities rally around, as thanks to the GBHL, it has become a way to connect both to other Banijan migrant communities, as well as the homeland.

Style Mod: -2
RP Permissions: Anything is game, although you need my permission to kill anyone. No pandemics of any kind allowed. Hockey's not that big in country, so expect Banija's fanbase at each game to be much smaller than our opponent's. If you injure somebody, please specify what the injury is and how many games they will be expected to miss.
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Posted: Aug 5 2022, 03:53 PM
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Pluvia and the Saxean Isles National Hockey Team (The Ice Eagles)

Head Coach: Gunnar Kohnstamm
Style Modifier: -3
Captain: Theodore Harris
Assistant Captains: Stephen Francis, Joe Drummond


1st Line
RW Finlay Davis
C Theodore Harris
LW Sam Lowe

2nd Line
RW Matt Hoffman
C Felix Harper
LW Levi Pearson

3rd Line
RW Marius Helmuth
C Leon Lutz
LW Tristan Green

4th Line
RW Kit McCarthy
C Peter Neumark
LW Chris Gellner


Pair 1
Joe Drummond
Johan Kostner

Pair 2
Colby Sutherland
Quinn Barrett

Pair 3
Justin Friedrich
Jasper McGregor

Stephen Francis
Andreas Schmerling

Penalty Lines

Power Play 1: 1st line+Pair 1
Power Play 2: 2nd line+Pair 2
Penalty Kill 1: 1st line+Pair 3
Penalty Kill 2: 3rd line+Pair 1

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following...
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: No
Godmod Other Events: No
Pluvia and the Saxean Isles
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Posted: Aug 5 2022, 09:36 PM
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(Could not post as puppet, Arendelle, so I posted the roster here, and will post subsequent RPs as the Arendelle account)

[align=center] .::GENERAL INFORMATION ::.[/align]
Official Name: The Arendelle National Hockey Team / Arnardala karlalandsliđiđ í íshokkí
Official Nation Name: The Northern Imperial Realms of Arendalle / Norđur-keisararíkin í Arnardal
Officiating League: Imperial Hockey Association / Félag-keisararíkin í íshokkí (IHA / FKI)
Founded: 2022
Regional Officiating Body: The Atlantian Oceania Hockey Confederation
Year of Membership: 2022
World Cup Record: 0-0-0 (No Appearances)
AOHC Record: 0-0-0 (First Appearance)
Titles: 0
World: Unranked
AOCAF: Unranked
Nickname: Ísörn (or 'Ice Eagles' in Basic)
Head Coach: Steinunn BRIDUN'DOTR

NOTE: In Arendallic society, family names are patronomic; combining the name of the selected parent's name with the suffix as assigned by gender; "-sonr" for males, "-dotr" for females, "-barnr" for non-binary.

In Arendalle, there is no gendered sports. As such, there are players of all genders - male, female, and non-binary - on the national team, and no distinction between them.

[align=center].:: FIRST LINE ::.[/align]
Position # Name Age Hand Current Team

GK 19 Halli EMIL'SONR 23 R Selfos Miners
DEF 80 Ölvir ERIK'SONR 18 R Hśnvinriva Jotuns
DEF 23 Katrín UNNR'DOTR 22 L Niđarós Álfar
OFF 58 Sonja BIRTA'BARNR 27 L Itakawai Lightning user posted image
OFF 02 Bergljót KA'LOKA 24 R Selfos Miners
OFF 11 Hrafn GEIR'SONR © 28 R Knarravik Ravens[/pre]

[align=center].:: SECOND LINE ::.[/align]
Position # Name Age Hand Current Team

DEF 18 Dagfinnr IVAN'SONR (A) 19 R Isarendal Imperial College
DEF 76 Sigsteinn INGI'SONR 21 R Niđarós Álfar
OFF 29 Snorri KARL'SONR 22 L Bjorgvin Valkyrie
OFF 10 CHAO Hjörtur 28 R Knarravik Ravens
OFF 74 Hjálmarr JARI'SONR 26 L Selfos Miners[/pre]

[align=center].:: THIRD LINE ::.[/align]
Position # Name Age Hand Current Team

DEF 19 CYC'EL Ragna 20 R Ulsteen Huldra
DEF 26 Valdís SNORRI'BARNR (A) 19 R Kyrimorut Ramikade user posted image
OFF 49 though'an HJALNARR'SONR 23 L Bjorgvin Valkyrie
OFF 32 Fríđa RAKEL'DOTR 22 R Selfos Miners
OFF 84 Marta HEKLA'DOTR 26 L Niđarós Álfar[/pre]

[align=center].:: RESERVES ::.[/align]
Position # Name Age Hand Current Team

GK 55 ZHANG Andrea 29 L Hśnvinriva Jotuns
DEF 20 Eileifr JAKOB'SONR 24 L Isarendal Jarls
DEF 93 CHANG Juyin 22 L Niđarós Álfar
DEF 35 Leifrei RAGNA'SONR 17 R Uni. of the Southern Tribes user posted image
DEF 33 Dagr VIKTOR'SONR 18 R University of Adirolf user posted image
OFF 15 Arni BJARNI'BARNR 24 L Ulsteen Huldra
OFF 09 Aron EMIL'SONR 27 L Knarravik Ravens
OFF 30 Tyrggvi VIKTOR'BARNR 26 R Bjorgvin Valkyrie
OFF 89 Arnviđr DAGR'SONR 20 R Ba Sing Se University user posted image
OFF 93 Ari FINNR'BARNR 23 L Niđarós Álfar
OFF 29 Kristjana EYDIS'DOTR 22 L Ulsteen Huldra[/pre]

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Posted: Aug 5 2022, 11:20 PM
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National Hockey Team
Pos Age Club
1 Joe Baumgardner G 29 Hamilton Stomers
2 Frazier Kohl D 25 St Warren Snow Owls
3 Andy Pierce D 28 Asbury Darts
4 Lance Walker D 25 Mansfield Maroons
5 Zach Edelman D 26 Ezriquay Silver Sticks
6 Len Mazzelli W 31 Asbury Darts
7 Dale Morrisson C 26 Oceana Zephyrs
8 Aaron Lipscomb W 30 Springfield Blades
9 Paul Nelson W 27 Endborough Rangers
10 Rich Castellanos C 26 Lima Chargers
11 Benjy Ndumeke C 26 Mansfield Warriors (GBHL)
12 Trey Palmer D 25 Lima Chargers
13 Alex Saxby D 25 Coolville Gems
14 Steven Lapointe W 24 Coolville Gems
15 Matt Donnenfeld W 26 Oceana Zephyrs
16 Greg McNamara W 25 St Warren Snow Owls
17 Niall O'Halloran D 29 Belle Haven Comets
18 Brent Vallery W 27 Jacksonville Ice Kats
19 Ryan Adderly D 23 Middletown Riverhawks
20 Steven Friel W 25 Ezriquay Silver Sticks
21 Jack Mason G 27 St Leon Mounties
22 Olly Whittier C 24 Belle Haven Comets
Coach—Rich Wainwright (Oceana)
Assts—Paul Gomez (Lima), Patrick Newhouse (Ezriquay), Brian Cole (Oceana asst)



Scribe in Training
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Posted: Aug 5 2022, 11:27 PM
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4x AOHC Champions
World Cup of Hockey XXXIV Champions

Vilita & Turori Ice Cat Things
Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Colora Boharii
Assistant Coach: Agaggagii'o "AA" Amphlanza
Style Mods: +3.14159

[ 92 ] Tommy Finn [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 60 ] 'Snowman' Avalaski [ - Seraai Icestronauts (VHL) - ]
[ 82 ] Ukanlora Imfagarziiz [ - Eelandii Explorers (VHL) - ]

[ 37 ] Kevin Diesel [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 63 ] Spekkio Turazi [ - Eelandii Explorers (VHL) - ]
[ 06 ] Dolak Vintal-Morta [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 62 ] Hluali Tiik [ - Turoki Islanders (VHL) - ]
[ 56 ] Torren Filiao [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 45 ] Cinnami Vellamoi [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 55 ] Bayyre Provichuk [ - Tivali River Sharks (VHL) -]

[ 32 ] Cartai Chiate [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 48 ] Ricky Fike [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 4 ] River Suzgar [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 23 ] Eastern Raciani [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 88 ] Ocean Suzgar [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 22 ] Jualiar Fichaud [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 17 ] Ataris Filiac [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 21 ] Buffky Oktopi [ - Morata Valley Fog (VHL) - ]
[ 15 ] Emhaoi Linaozi [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 32 ] Akitana Ruta [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]
[ 52 ] Malaino Oraziala [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]
[ 33 ] Askol Mastley [ - Morata Valley Fog (VHL) - ]
[ 7 ] Fordin Unrangii [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]
[ 22 ] Ieeko Naret [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]

Starting Lineup
[ G ] Goalkeepers Alternate
[ D ] Cinnami Vellamoi [VIL]
[ D ] Spekkio Turazi [TUR]
[ RW ] Jualiar Fichaud [VIL]
[ C ] Eastern Raciani [VIL]
[ LW ] Malaino Oraziala [TUR]
Shootout / Penalty Shot
Buffky Oktopi [VIL], Ieeko Naret [TUR]

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Posted: Aug 6 2022, 01:22 AM
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Matchday 1

Group 1:
Quebec and Shingoryeo 2 Vilita & Turori 4
Delaclava 2 Banija 1
Efnakia 1 Demot 0

Group 2:
Milchama 4 Busoga Islands 2
Verceola 4 Qasden 3
Valanora 3 Hapilopper 1

Group 3:
Canadian Dominion 1 Gyatso-kai 2
Baker Park 3 Pluvia and the Saxean Isles 2
Wreckeria 1 The Cordian Isles 2
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Posted: Aug 6 2022, 05:14 PM
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[align=center]National Ice Hockey Team[/align]

Of all the Cordian teams, this is probably the best relative to their competition. Coming off a second straight quarterfinals run in the last World Cup of Hockey that featured a second straight upset of Quebec and Shingoryeo. That's not even mentioning their incredible finish in the group stage; despite an intense shootout loss to Ko-oren, the Pot 3 Cordians managed to win the group. In the last AOHC, the Cordians experienced heartbreak as the team experienced a 5-4 overtime loss at the hands of Efnakia in the quarterfinals, a loss they are looking not to repeat this time around. While it doesn't really qualify as a "curse", as the Cordians were never supposed to be good enough to make the quarterfinals, the combined team has never advanced past the quarterfinals in any tournament.

References to "the league" are references to the CIHL, the professional Cordian hockey league.

[align=center]Uniforms and pants made using Ace Jerseys' 3D Uniform Designer, gloves made using Warrior Hockey's Custom Gloves Tool.

[spoiler=Home Uniform]user posted image
user posted image
user posted image[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Away Uniform]user posted image
user posted image
user posted image[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Gloves and Pants]user posted image
user posted image
user posted image[/spoiler][/align]

Coach: Kress "Terrible" Thomassen, 47
A former CIHL player herself, Thomassen won the league championship on three occasions in the pre-internationalization era with the Danvirk Wall.

[hr][/hr]First Line - Forwards
Left Wing - Justin Perreau
Age: 25
Team: Lakeside Warriors
A speedy left wing who can shoot and pass with precision, Perreau is consistently Lakeside's top scorer.

Center - Eric Eaton
Age: 30
Team: Creston Northmen
Eaton stands out even on the best offense in the league as its top contributor in points and second in goals.

Right Wing - Harald Ericsen
Age: 27
Team: Cordasfjord Crusaders
Known for his netfront battling, Ericsen's screens are notoriously good and the defense invariably scores more goals when he's on the ice.
[hr][/hr]Second Line - Forwards
Left Wing - Jennifer Vosun
Age: 24
Team: East Fjord HC
Vosun is a force on both offense and defense for East Fjord , blocking a lot of shots every game and cutting down shooting angles very effectively. Her two-way ability has secured her a spot on the first line of both penalty kills.

Center - Randolf Karlsson
Age: 25
Team: Gilded City Golden
Karlsson can do two things: win faceoffs and fire massive shots. Luckily, he's very good at those two things.

Right Wing - Rurik Dirsson
Age: 25
Team: Cordasfjord Crusaders
Dirsson is usually one of the league's best playmakers, and it's a great help to his Crusaders, a top-division CIHL team.

[hr][/hr]Third Line - Forwards
Left Wing - Magnus Bjornsen
Age: 22
Team: Kersson College
Bjornsen is an incredibly skilled player who just graduated from Kersson College, not having signed yet with any team

Center - Martin Kordsen
Age: 21
Team: North Bay Lightning
Easily the best younger player in the Isles, and with perhaps the best skating skills at all levels, Kordsen signed with the Lightning right off his 18U local team, where he was dominating. Now the best player on the Lightning, Kordsen led the team to a AAA Division promotion last season.

Right Wing - Signy MacLeod
Age: 22
Team: Jutland Riveters
MacLeod was the best playmaker in the college league last season, and has been referred to as JU's "quarterback" because she pretty much runs offensive zone play.

[hr][/hr]Fourth Line - Forwards
Left Wing - Bergonund Olafsen
Age: 27
Team: White River Eagles
Olafsen is a grinder, and his line has the best forecheck on the team, largely thanks to his determination in battles, and his size. See Olafsen coming in behind you and you'll cough up the puck like the skinny kid coughing up his lunch money.

Center - Will Egilsen
Age: 28
Team: Thor's Rest Thunder
Alternate Captain
Egilsen spends most of his time in the offensive zone, not because he creates offense, but because the forechecks he runs are spot-on.

Right Wing - Tryggve Eriksson
Age: 26
Team: Jutland Whalers
Eriksson is at his best battling in the corners; he rarely comes out without the puck.
[hr][/hr]Defense - Pair 1
Halfdan and Ivar Leifssen
Age: 26
Team: Jutland Riveters
These twins are both over six feet tall and they have the hardest shots in the league. They're major offensive contributors for the Riveters because of their shots, which are dangerous from nearly anywhere.
[hr][/hr]Defense - Pair 2
Eric Walker
Age: 29
Team: East Fjord HC
Alternate Captain
Walker plays very well in Cordia's man-on-man scheme and is not afraid to play physically. The biggest hits in the game often come from him.

Freydis Svensen
Age: 27
Team: Lakeside Warriors
Svensen excels at every method of shot prevention: blocking, lifting the stick, contesting the puck, and so on. When she marks a player, they rarely score.
[hr][/hr]Defense - Pair 3
Haakon Haraldsen
Age: 20
Team: Kersson College
Haraldsen's shutdown defense in the college league has turned Kersson into a force to be reckoned with this past season.

Svein Svensson
Age: 21
Team: Mountainview Typhoon
Don't laugh at his name, or you'll find yourself on the ice, with him laughing at you. Svensson is the most physical player on the ice despite being one of the youngest.
Absent exceptional play, Ericsson will play two games to Smith's one.

Starter - Chris Ericsson
Age: 25
Team: Valley Fold Vengeance
Was critical to the Cordians' incredible quarterfinals run in the last World Cup of Hockey, which featured six wins in a row - of which Ericsson played five.

Backup - Olaf Smith
Age: 27
Team: Jutland Whalers
Smith always comes up big in big games and is one of the most consistent goaltenders in the CIHL.

OOC: These are more guidelines than rules, but if you ever want to talk about systems and how you plan to counter them, here they are.
Forecheck: ABC sounded dumb last time. We'll just call it the Cordian forecheck this time around. Much less elementary. One player pressures opposing defensemen while other players cover all other players so that the other team is left with no options.
[spoiler=Diagram]user posted image[/spoiler][hr][/hr]
Even Strength Defensive Zone: Below the tops of the circles is man-on-man play; above them is zone play. Important: If an opposing player moves from above to below or vice-versa, coverage changes.
[spoiler=Diagram]user posted image[/spoiler][hr][/hr]
Breakout: Pull-system breakout, used to create either defensive panic or a 1-on-0 advantage. The weakside winger begins skating as soon as they see puck possession is theirs; strongside wing and center set up in typical breakout procedure, with the added option of a speeding weakside winger.
[spoiler=Diagram]user posted image[/spoiler][hr][/hr]
Powerplay: The 1-3-1. The idea is to get either a shot from the slot, a cross-ice pass for a shot, or a shot for a rebound and a scramble in front of the net.
Powerplay Unit 1: Perreau-Karlsson-Ericsen Leifssen-Leifssen
Powerplay Unit 2: Bjornsen-Eaton-Dirsson Walker-Svensen
[spoiler=Diagram]user posted image[/spoiler][hr][/hr]
4-man Penalty Kill: Box or Diamond, depending on the opposing powerplay system. The idea is to not overcommit so as to not allow shots from the inside; shots from the outside are unavoidable.
Penalty Kill Unit 1: Vosun-Egilsen H. Leifssen-Svensen
Penalty Kill Unit 2: Perreau-Ericsen Walker-Haraldsen
[spoiler=Diagram]user posted image[/spoiler][hr][/hr]
3-man Penalty Kill: Triangle or Right Triangle, depending on opposing powerplay system. In a Right Triangle, rather than the point player moving back and forth during perimeter passing, the entire formation rotates, with the opposite defensemen instead moving up, the same-side defenseman moving over, and the point player moving back.
3-man PK Unit 1: Vosun Svensen-I. Leifssen
3-man PK Unit 2: Ericsen Walker-Haraldsen
[spoiler=Diagram]user posted image[/spoiler][hr][/hr]

Hockey in Cordia is on par with football (soccer) in popularity. With a robust college and youth system, players often don't enter the league until they reach 22, with a few exceptional cases. The national league is the Cordian Isles Hockey League. The reigning league champions are the Cordasfjord Crusader. Cordian hockey as coached by Kress "Terrible" Thomassen is exceptionally aggressive, trading defensive mistakes for offensive chances, relying on a strong forecheck to keep the puck out of their own zone. Players are expected to play a physical game; expect hits, but mostly to make the play. Petty penalties may happen, especially in rough losses. Oh, and you'll hear plenty of trash talk on the ice. A true Cordian talks a good game. Even inside their own zone, Cordian forwards will cheat up at the first sign of possession, a risky move that leaves men on both teams open and can work either way. As a result, the WCoH Federation rates Cordia's playstyle a +3.5.

[box]My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, I decide severity and length
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes, but TG or DM if it might be out-of-bounds
Style Modifier: +3.5[/box][hr][/hr]
The Cordian Isles
Two. Two.
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