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The Unfinished 95X RPs
Posted: Jan 3 2022, 12:27 AM
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A few RL months ago.

"Hi, Ninetyfivex!", Xi (pronounced "Eleven") Foureleven greeted, "Come with me for something!"

It was late in the evening, but Foureleven and Ninetyfivex went to a large enclosed shopping mall.

"Why are we here?", Ninetyfivex asked as they approached the entrance, "you hate malls."

"Just come!", Foureleven encouraged.

As they walked through, it appeared almost—if not everything—was closed for the night. Ninetyfivex wondered if they were the only people there, other than the employees closing up. As they approached the center, which contained a large open area and a former customer service and information desk, he noticed it was dark.

As they walked up, the lights came on.


Ninetyfivex found himself surrounded by a who's who of 95Xers past and present; the Fourelevens, the championship-winning teams, several political types, Britny Sierra (the woman who tried to date Ninetyfivex in-character) and her husband, several that were never introduced, and even a few from Scottfire. They all sand a song and lit the candles on a cake.

"Thanks, everyone," Ninetyfivex said. "Who did this?"

"Who do you think," Foureleven sarcastically replied. "Oh, and Britny booked the location."

Britny took the chance to jump in, "so, if you could spend an entire day with one of us, who would it be?"

Bo Foureleven, Xi's husband, added, "it's okay, I know who you're going to say."

Ninetyfivex looked around, shook his head 'no', and looked down at the white, teal, and pink 'commerce party' tiles on the floor. It was a downer ending to an otherwise nice event.

Later on, Ninetyfivex thanked Foureleven, and said he honestly just didn't feel he had the continued willpower to continue with 95X, given the current crushing state of RL. Foureleven was the only in-character person to fully understand this, and for that matter that 95X only exists within an online game.

"You should write those RPs," Foureleven suggested, "it will clear your mind and you will feel better about it."

I intend to use this thread to finish up some things left unresolved.
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